LATEST UPDATE: December 15, 2015

How to register in Uber if you don’t have a credit card? Here’s a simple hack.

You can use your debit or prepaid card for as long as it’s Visa or Mastercard.

As per other payment gateways, Diners, JCB, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, etc.we don’t have first hand experience yet.

If you’ve used prepaid/debit cards for Uber, we’d love to hear your experiences and suggestions in the comments section below. Using prepaid/debit card for Uber’s system, at this point, is sometimes hit-and-miss. For some, it works perfectly, for others (using the same prepaid/debit card) it does not. Hence, the community would appreciate your feedback and input. You can help us keep this up-to-date.




 TIP: When you register using a prepaid or debit card, make sure you have more than Php 500 in the account. When you ride, make sure your card has enough money to pay for the trip. Once the system detected that your balance was insufficient, even just once, the system will reject the prepaid/debit account.


Several banks offer a debit card or a prepaid card with Visa or Mastercard. Here’s a simple list of these products, thanks to the very cooperative readers, passengers, & FB group members who’ve contributed to the list:

  • Globe GCASH Mastercard Card and Globe AMEX Virtual card-works for some
  • BPI More Fun in the Philippines Prepaid Card- charges Php 50 for authenticaton charge
  • Security Bank MasterCard Debit Card-works for some
  • Unionbank EON Visa Debit Card-works fine
  • VMoney Prepaid Mastercard-works for some
  • BDO Visa Debit Card- works for some, needs to input CVV every now & then
  • EastWest Visa Debit card- works for some (Some riders are able to use this and request for rides ONLY during weekdays, during weekends Eastwest Bank doesn’t settle transactions causing the problem.)
  • Metrobank Debit Card and Prepaid Card-works for some
  • BDO Cash Card (Visa and Mastercard)-works for some
  • Landbank VISA-branded ATM card- works according to a rider & reader

**UPDATE: According to riders and readers, enrolling a debit or prepaid card (with Visa and Mastercard logo) is usually successful. Sometimes they can request for a couple of rides, until they get errors.

If you get an error, DON’T WORRY, Uber’s payment system is just not used to accepting debit and prepaid cards, but it should work for as long as it has VISA or MASTERCARD logo. Here’s some tips of what you should do:

  • There will be cases that Uber will ask for you to input your CVV. That’s the three numbers at the back of your card. Just input the CVV.
  • If you have another card, try enrolling that and deleting the previous one. Re-enroll the previous card and see if the problem is solved.
  • Try to call your issuing bank to authorize the transactions coming in from Uber. This worked for other riders.
  • Finally, if these hacks doesn’t work, you can also email Uber to get help:

***In case you’ve ended up with an unsettled balance in your Uber account,

click here to learn how to fix it.***

**In case you encountered the Uber error: “Credit Card Deemed Invalid”, refer to this post to fix it.** 

Payment invalid error

Also, you can enroll more than one card for your Uber payments. You can even enroll a card under a different name. Refer to this post to know how.. Example, if your company has a corporate card (name different than yours), you can enroll this and use this to pay for your official trips. You can even use a friend’s card (of course, with their consent!) or even your parents card.

DISCLAIMER: Kids, please don’t do this without your parent’s consent! And you didn’t get the idea from this blog. Hehe!

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