Need to add a vehicle in your Uber Partner Account?

There’s a slideshow at the end showing the step by step screen of your Uber Partner Dashboard. You can skip to that if you’re more visual. 😉


  • You can add and enroll a vehicle even if it’s not under your name. Just make sure the name in the Proof of Registration and Proof of Insurance is the same (kung sa asawa nakapangalan ang sasakyan OK lang po. Basta dapat ang Proof of Insurance sa asawa din nakapangalan.) You might want to refer to this guide to TNVS if vehicle is NOT under your name.
  • As per LTFRB TNVS vehicle requirement, vehicle must be 3 yrs old or newer upon application (if you’re applying 2017, car must be 2014 or newer). You might want to read the TNVS FAQs.
  • Also, there’s NO engine displacement requirement for a TNVS vehicle. However, HATCHBACKS are NOT ACCEPTED as a TNVS vehicle type. Read on the link to know more.

How to add a vehicle in your Uber Partner Account:

STEP 1: Login to you Uber Partner Dashboard at

STEP 2: Go to Settings > Profile

STEP 3: Click Vehicles > ADD NEW VEHICLE

STEP 4: Input details of your vehicle and click “Submit”

STEP 5: Upload the required documents

  • Proof of Registration (ORCR) or Sales Invoice (3 yrs or newer; hatchbacks are NOT accepted)
  • Vehicle Pictures (inside dashboard, inside backseat, front and rear view) of your vehicle.
  • PAMI Insurance and Provisional Authority/Certificate of Public Convenience will be uploaded by Uber. You might want to read the TNVS FAQs.

STEP 6: Wait for Activation

After adding a vehicle, you usually need to wait for about 1 day to 1 week for your vehicle to be active. Make sure that all the documents are valid upon upload. If after this period, your vehicle is still not active, you can go to Uber’s Partner Support Center in Greenfields,Mandaluyong.

Once activated, you should see the status “Active” in your vehicle list and this vehicle should appear in the vehicle list in the Uber Driver App.

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