Have you ever had the experience when after requesting for an Uber ride, you realize that your pickup location is wrong?

This happens a bit frequently in Manila. We have some theory why our pickup location is not very accurate in the Uber Rider App:

  • Google address of the building/location is not accurate
  • poor GPS signal
  • poor internet connection
  • we’re humans and we made a mistake 🙁

It’s frustrating especially because we can’t edit the pickup location after requesting for a ride. So, we end up calling the Uber driver and letting them know of our exact location. Most of the time, this works out but sometimes we (or the driver) need to cancel the request.

Good thing Uber Philippines now allows us to edit our pickup location AFTER requesting for a ride. This feature is called Pickup Correction which allows us to edit/modify/correct our pickup point while the driving is on its way to you.

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How to Edit your Pickup Location?

1. Edit
Once your request has been accepted by a driver, tap “Edit” on the upper right portion of your screen

2. Input and Confirm

Input your new pickup address by typing the landmark or by moving the pickup pin on the map. Once you’re sure of the pickup location, click “Confirm”

3. Wait for driver’s arrival

Your Uber driver will be notified of the new location and have their route updated. You can now just wait for the driver’s arrival.


TIP: Do this as soon as possible! Double check your pickup location right after your request has been accepted so that the driver is notified in advance. You can also call the driver as courtesy. This will give them enough time to reroute.  Let’s always be considerate of our drivers. 🙂

How to Edit Pickup Location in Uber. photo credit to www.uber.com

photo credit to www.uber.com


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