Can’t request for an Uber ride? If the error says you have to settle outstanding balance in Uber, this post will help you fix that so you can request for an Uber ride again in no time.

Why do you have an unsettled balance in your Uber account?

If a charge in your card is declined (prepaid, debit or credit card), Uber prevents you from requesting a ride until you settle the amount. That’s why it’s very important to keep sufficient funds in your accounts especially for debit and prepaid cards.

Here’s how you can fix it:

  1. Login here:
  2. Go to “Payments” to update your payment methods or add a new card
  3. Go to “My Trips”
  4. When prompted to charge the balance, select the payment method of your choice.

Refer to this Uber support article here.

If you’ve experienced this, share with us your solution in the comments below. Our readers and fellow riders will appreciate your help. 🙂

how to settle outstanding balance

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