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We’ve noticed that our article about How to Use Uber if you don’t have a credit card have gained a lot of views for the past months. So, we decided to look for credit cards for Uber that we think would be good the first time credit card users (some of them we tried ourselves).


To start our search for the best credit card for Uber, let’s start with a card that we’ve tried to use firsthand—AUB Easy Mastercard




Asia United Bank (AUB), recently launched its first credit card –the AUB Easy MasterCard.  We liked this credit card particularly because it’s easy to apply for and it’s flexible. It’s flexible because you can choose  when to pay, how often to pay, and most importantly, how much to pay. Yes, you read that right, you choose how much to pay per cut-off regardless of how much you consumed on the card. No bill shock, no surprises.

Read on to know the benefits and how to apply for AUB Easy Mastercard.








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You can choose how often to pay: monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly


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You can choose exactly when to pay.

  • If monthly, you can choose from the 1st to 30th of the month as due date.
  • If semi-monthly, you can choose from pre-defined sets of payment dates.
  • If you prefer to pay on a weekly basis, you can also choose any day from Monday to Sunday as their due date;



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This is the feature we like the most about AUB Easy Mastercard: you can also choose affordable fixed monthly, semi-monthly, and weekly payments. Fixed payment means that the amount due is the same every payment due date regardless of the total transaction within the cut-off date. Example, if you charge Php 2000 worth of trips in this month and Php 3000 for the next month, you are still going to pay the same amount every due date. So if you chose to pay Php 500 per cut-off, you are going to pay only Php 500 regardless of how much you charged in the card per cut-off.

TIP: Since you only pay a fixed amount per cut-off, you have to remember that your available credit per month will change depending on how much you use in the past months. Let’s say your credit limit is Php 10, 000 and used Php 5000 this month and you chose a Php 1000 fixed payment amount per month, your available credit limit the following month will be lower than Php 5000 because you need to pay off first the Php 5000 you used the past month + interests (if any).

How do I apply for AUB Easy Credit Card?

To apply, Click on this link.

Or you may contact AUB at:

Customer Service : AUB-8888 or 282-8888 (Metro Manila)
Domestic Toll Free : 1- 800 -10 – 282–8888* (Outside Metro Manila)
Fax Number : 325-0741
Email : creditcards@aub.com.ph


How will I be qualified to avail of the card?


  • Must be 21 to 55 years old
  • Must have a Gross Annual Income (GAI) of at least:
    • ₱120,000 for Employed/Salaried
    • ₱240,000 for Self-employed and Licensed Professional
  • If employed, must be on regular status with a registered Company/Corporation for at least one (1) year
  • If self-employed, must be in a registered business, operating profitably for at least one (1) year
  • If a licensed professional, must be practicing for at least one (1) year
  • Must have a mobile phone and at least one (1) landline phone at either residence or office
  • Must have an active email address


What documentary requirements do I need to submit?

  • Copy of any government issued ID with photo OR employment ID
  • Income Documents:

    FOR EMPLOYED APPLICANTS (at least one of the following):

    • Latest ITR (Form 2316)
    • Certificate of Employment/Compensation
    • Latest three (3) months payslip


    • ITR (Form 1707, 1701Q)
    • Latest Financial Statements and
    • DTI Registration (preferably under the card applicant’s name)


How long is the processing time?

Processing may take 11 to 14 banking days from submission of complete documents.



How can I check the status of my application?

You may also call our AUB Customer Service Hotline at AUB (282) 8888 or Domestic Toll Free number at 1-800-10-282-8888 to inquire for the status of the application.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. But don’t worry, we stand by the tips we publish in our blog. Rest assured we tried this ourselves. 😉

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