How do you actually request for an Uber ride? It’s very easy! You’re just a few taps away from your ride.

Video Tuorial

Screenshot Tutorial

Step 0: After you’ve opened the Uber app, select if your requesting for an UberX or Black Car. Toggle on the buttons at the lower most of the screen.

Step 1: You need to set your pickup location. You will do this in the upper portion. You can either manually pin your location in the map (make sure you pin your exact location) OR you can search your location in the app.


Step 2: Click on the “SET PICKUP LOCATION” button.



NOTE: There are times when the location result is not accurate. In this case, you can call your driver to correct your exact location. Make sure you set your pickup location right so that your Uber ride is seamless.










Step 3: Set your destination by clicking the “(+)”. You can input the location/address of your destination.

Step 3.1: You can check your fare estimate and/or input a promo code in the “payment panel” above the “REQUEST UBERX” button. See this post for a detailed run through.

Step 3.2: You can also switch on/off your Uber credits or change your payment options in the same panel. See this post for a detailed run through.

Step 4: Confirm your request by clicking “REQUEST UBERX”













Once request is successful and Uber has found a ride for you, you will see the “En Route” screen.







NOTE: Remember to take note of the model/make of the car, license number and the driver. You can also contact the driver thru SMS or call via the contact icon.





   We hope you enjoy your Uber experience. Happy Riding!


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