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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about Uber trip receipt. So here’s a quick guide for you on how to get a receipt for you Uber Trip.

Option 1: Check your Inbox

After every trip, Uber automatically send you an Uber trip receipt in your registered email. This contains the trip details as well as the fare breakdown. Look for an email in your inbox like the picture below.
Check for these details:

  • Sender: “Uber Receipts”
  • Subject: “Your *day and time* trip with Uber”

TIP: If you’re not receiving any Uber trip receipt in your inbox, check and update your registered email in the Settings menu of the Uber Rider app.

Option 2: Check your Trip History

You can also review your Uber trip receipt from the Uber Rider App. All the trips you’ve taken are in the Trip history.

  1. Go to Settings Menu in the Uber Rider App
  2. Select “Your Trips”
  3. Select a past trip of your concern. You’ll see the trip details of that trip.
  4. Tap “Receipt” at the bottom to view the fare breakdown

Option 3: Resend from the Rider Dashboard

You can also resend an Uber trip receipt to your inbox.

  1. Login to your Uber rider account at www.riders.uber.com
  2. Go to “My Trips”
  3. Select the past trip of your concern
  4. Click on “Resend”

TIP: You should see a green notification at the top of the window saying “Receipt has been emailed”. This trip receipt should be resent to your email. Again, if you still were not able to receive the email, update your registered email address in the “Profile” section.

Hope this article helped. Let us know in the comments sections if you have any questions or suggestions. You can also reach us at info@ubermanilatips.com. We would love to hear from you!

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