Well, Uber is actually just testing and exploring the cash payment option. Uber is gradually rolling out cash payment in the Uber Rider App. How we wish Uber Manila now accepts cash payments!

The intention is for every Filipino, with or without credit card, to have access to safe and reliable rides through Uber. We’re glad that Uber Philippines is doing this; it shows that they are listening and adapting to the local Philippine market.

What do you think? Is Uber doing the right thing by offering cash as a payment option? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Note: Right now, it’s still a requirement to enroll a credit card/debit/prepaid card upon account registration before you can book a trip. But there are indications that later on, cards will not be a requirement anymore to register as a rider. We’ll update this post when they lifted that requirement.

As of now, cash payment is available to a few rider accounts before they make it available to everyone. If you see this prompt in your account, this means you are part of the cash payment testing. 🙂

Uber Cash0

So, how do you pay cash in Uber?

If you want to pay using cash for your ride, make sure to check your payment options. There’s an additional payment method “CASH” as seen in the photos below:

Uber Cash1 Uber Cash2


Before you request for a ride, tap on the payment method button.

Uber Cash3


Select “CASH”

Uber Cash4


Request for a ride by pressing on the Request Button

Uber Cash5

Once you’ve been assigned a ride, you can double check in the payment method button if “CASH” is selected.

Uber Cash6


As of the moment, you CANNOT change to and from the cash payment method when you are already on a trip. So, MAKE SURE you are really willing to pay CASH and that you have enough cash with you when you select cash as your payment method before requesting for a trip.Uber Cash7

Let us know what you think of Uber’s cash payments!

Happy Riding!

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