There are several riders who are encountering Uber Error Credit Card Deemed Invalid preventing them from requesting a ride. Here’s the screenshot of the error:

“Your credit card ending in XXX has been deemed invalid.  Please update your billing settings.”
Payment invalid error

First, there are a different possible reasons why you’re having this error (based on riders stories and feedback):

  • System detected duplicate accounts
  • The card you’re using is already enrolled in another rider account
  • System have detected potential “fraudulent” transactions
  • If you have a driver account and use the same phone for both UberPartner App and Uber Rider App
  • Lastly, you’re using a prepaid card (using prepaid cards for Uber is still hit-and-miss, you can refer to this post on how to use Uber if you don’t have credit card).

REMEMBER: This error may occur regardless if you’re using a credit card or a debit/prepaid card.

So if you’ve encountered this error, how do you solve this? There could be a couple of ways to hack this.

FIRST HACK: Enroll another Card

This hack worked for us first hand. If you have another card that hasn’t been used (at all) in Uber, you can use this. Refer to this post on how to add another card in your account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Payment” and add another card (that hasn’t been used at all in Uber)
  2. Go back to the Payment Menu and delete the card having the error. If you have multiple cards, delete all else first.
  3. Request for a ride using the new card (if you were able to request successfully, that means problem solved)
  4. Add your previous cards, if you want to use them again

Add Card


This hack worked for some. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On you Uber Rider App, go to “Payment” menu
  2. Click on the card and tap “EDIT” at the upper right
  3. Update your CVV (CVV is the three digit number at the back of your card)
  4. Click “SAVE”

UPdate CVV

For some this works and needs to updated every now and then for them to be able to request for a ride.


This hack requires you to login to your Rider Dashboard at You can do this in any browser be it mobile or laptop or desktop.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Login in you Rider Dashboard
  2. Go “Profile” Tab
  3. Edit the Zip Code (the number beside the country dropdown menu). Refer here to get your Zipcode.
  4. Click “Update Profile”

*NOTE: the Zipcode you input here should be the same as the address declared in your bank/card account

Uber Riders Profile

Comment below if you’ve experienced the same thing and how were you able to resolve it.

Hope this helps! Happy Riding! #UberON

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