Uber Partner App Download

Directly download the Uber Partner App in your smartphone

Need to install the Uber Partner App in your device?

Here are the download links for Android and iOS (iPhone &iPad). Download them below.

Want to be an Uber Partner?

Click here for a step-by-step guide on How to be an Uber Partner Operator and Driver.

Uber Partner App for Android

Simply search for the Uber Partner app on the Google Play Store or go to http://t.uber.com/android

Uber Partner App for iOS

For Apple devices (iPhone & iPad), you may download the app by going to http://t.uber.com/ios.

You need to directly open the link from your iOS device to download and install.

When you open the UberPartner App after installation in your iOS device, you’ll get a prompt that the app is not trusted. You’ll need to enable and verify the App in your iOS device. Here’s how to make the UberPartner App work in iOS:

How to enable UberPartner App in iOS

To enable Uber as a trusted developer for your iPhone, do the following: Go to Settings > General > Profile > Select Uber Technologies >  Click on “Trust”. After this the status of Uber Partner App should be “Verified” and you should be able to login to the UberPartner App.

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If you need a step-by-step guide on how to be an Uber Partner, please refer to this page.

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