Aug. 14, 2017, LTFRB suspended Uber Philippines Operation for one month effective immediately. The order commands the cease and desist of Uber Philippines’ entire operation. This means drivers can’t go online to accept trips; but more importantly, RIDERs can’t book an Uber.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Filipinos use Uber to get around Metro Manila everyday.

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The announcement and a copy of the Order was uploaded from the LTFRB Citizen Enforcer Facebook Page (see below).

Based from the copy of the order, the suspension is due to the fact that after the July 26, 2017 LTFRB ordered TNCs (both Uber and Grab) that NO new applications should be accepted but Uber still “accepted applications but not processed”.

LTFRB tried to apply 3 vehicles, one of which is registered under LTFRB. After uploading the documents in the Activation center, LTFRB’s uploaded document was tagged “Active” in the partner dashboard. A hearing then followed this incident where Uber explained that the documents are “active” but they cannot accept trips yet because they are only accepting applications but are NOT processing these applications. If LTFRB tried to go online from the Uber Driver App, they cannot accept trips even though the documents are “active” in the partner dashboard.

The Order was also forwarded to LTO, MMDA, and HPG-PNP.

Uber responded today, Aug. 15, 2017, by ceasing operations. Riders cannot book a trip and drivers cannot go online.

Riders cannot book a trip and drivers cannot go online.

LTFRB held a Press Conference about Uber Philippines suspension. Watch the Facebook Live video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Some points from the Press Conference:

  • According to the LTFRB Board, this suspension though it will affect the riding public mostly, is aimed at arriving to a more long term solution.
  • “Uber does not regulate LTFRB. LTFRB regulates Uber.”

Personal Opinion: We understand that LTFRB has to do their job and regulate the TNCs (we like the conviction and the action, something we’ve never seen much before from government agencies. Kudos!).

However, we hope that in this endeavor, they won’t forget the riding public.

Yes, the world does NOT revolve around Uber. But riders rely on Uber everyday to make their life and world revolve seamlessly, something that the public transportation and taxis have failed to deliver time and time again.

Uber’s violations/violations according LTFRB.

Uber also filed a Motion for Reconsideration today (Aug. 15, 2015) against LTFRB’s order to be able to service the public since there are a lot of commuters affected. This may allow riders and drivers to use Uber’s service until the Motion is resolved.

NOTE: This Motion is a temporary solution and has not been resolved yet. Please check your Driver and Rider App if you can already access the service. If you are a driver, kindly check your emails for Uber’s communications.

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