Effective October 13, 2017, TNVS Certificate of Public Convenience– CPC validity is extended from one (1) year to two (2) years.

Good news indeed, fellow Partners!

LTFRB issued Memorandum Circular No. 2017-023 effective last Oct. 13, 2017 which amends the previous MC No. 2015-017. According to MC 2015-017 two years ago,  the validity of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPCs = franchise) of TNVS is only one (1) year. Now, the CPC validity is up to two (2) years.

This means those partners who’ve secured their CPC this year can use it until 2019. Less effort; saves time and cost for both LTFRB and the TNVS operators in terms of the franchise (CPC) renewal process.  Win-win!

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LTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 2017-023 TNVS CPC validity extension to 2 years- UberMNLTips

LTFRB Chaiman Atty. Martin Delgra also said in a statement last October 23, 2017, that the LTFRB will be able to release and issue the first set of additional orders and revised memorandum circulars resolving some TNVS concerns by end of the month– Octber 2017.

And they’ll try to resolve the remaining issues by end of Nov. 2017.

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Since the past months, LTFRB has already conducted consultations with Uber, Grab and other TNCs, as well as the TNVS drivers and operators; where additional concerns and issues were brought to light.

To expedite the resolution process, the LTFRB held a Special Board Meeting last Oct. 23, 2017 to address the 34 concerns or issues of TNVS. Some of these concerns are related to insurance, fare discounts, vehicle specification, and fleet management.

This was in response to Sen. Grace Poe’s call to expedite the resolutions before the coming holiday rush. So as to avoid affecting the TNVS riders who rely on ridesharing for transportation as well as the drivers and operators who rely on it for a living.

According to Inquirer:

“In the interest of public service, the LTFRB should release the guidelines before the end of the year, preferably before the holiday rush,” Poe, chair of the Senate committee on public services, said in a statement.

“To delay the release of those guidelines will affect, not just the daily commute of those who rely on TNVS, but also those who rely on it for a living,” she added.

Good to know that the LTFRB are doing their best in resolving the issues and concerns of the TNCs, TNVS and the ridesharing industry in general.

We’ll be watching out for those revised Memorandum Circulars and additional orders.

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