UberCOMMUTE #ShareYourDrive and Be a Part-Time Uber Partner

What is UberCOMMUTE?

This November 16, 2016, with the intention of helping #SolveTraffic, Uber will be enabling people with vehicles who drive daily to and from work to #ShareYourDrive with other Uber riders heading in the same direction. This way, you can recover some of your daily driving expenses (ex. Gas, toll, maintenance, etc) and provide a lift to other Uber rider-commuters using vehicles that are already on the road.

If you ask us, a fun way to meet new people and make new friends, too!

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What’s the difference with other Uber Products?

Here are the main differences:

  • Drive Part-Time: Drive only during morning rush hours on your way to work (6am to 10am), and evening rush hours after work (5pm to 10pm).
  • For now, you’ll only receive trips going to and from Manila, BGC, and Makati during the operational hours
  • NON-PRO Driver’s License is ACCEPTED
  • 2006 or newer vehicles are ACCEPTED
UberCOMMUTE - Share your drive

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REMEMBER: If you want to be a regular Uber Partner to be able to drive any time of the day or operate a fleet, the drivers need to have a PRO License and the vehicles should be 3 years or newer. If you’re looking for info on How to be an Uber Partner, click on this link for more details.

How does UberCOMMUTE work?

  • For Driver-commuters, simply log into the Uber Driver App and indicate your final destination
  • For Rider-Commuters within the coverage area and specific time, you will automatically see the uberCOMMUTE option on your Uber app. You are required to enter your destination when requesting an uberCOMMUTE. You CANNOT change your destination after requesting a ride.
  • Uber will match the driver-commuters ONLY to fellow rider-commuters heading to the same area at the same time.
  • There’s no commitment, as a driver-commuter, you can go online and drive only when you want to share your drive. So if you have an important meeting in the morning and don’t want to pick-up a rider, that’s perfectly fine.

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How do I join UberCOMMUTE?

1. Sign up on: http://bit.ly/ubercommuteph
2. Choose “UberCommute Option” or #ShareyourRide

3. Upload Documents:

  • PRO or NON-PRO Driver’s License
  • Vehicle OR/ CR or Sales Invoice (Vehicle Should be 2006 and newer)
  • Proof of Insurance (Comprehensive Insurance)
4. Get activated!

Uber will review your documents and submit your profile for background check. Your account may be activated as fast as 48 hours or within 5 working days.

5. Start Driving and #ShareYourDrive.

Once you’re activated, just download the Uber Driver App and start sharing your drive!

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UberCOMMUTE - How to sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

for Driver-Commuters

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What vehicles are accepted to become a driver-commuter?

This is the best thing about UberCOMMUTE! You can use your vehicle of any make and model in good condition for as long as it’s 2006 or newer!

I want to share my drive. How to join? What are the requirements?

It’s super easy to be a driver-commuter! You only need the requirements below. To sign up, go to http://bit.ly/ubercommutemnl

  • Driver’s License. NON-PRO is ACCEPTED
  • Vehicle OR/CR or Sales Invoice
  • Proof of Insurance (Comprehensive)
  • 2006 or newer vehicles are ACCEPTED.
How much can I earn in UberCOMMUTE? How are fares calculated?

The fare that rider-commuters pay is just a share of the costs of the driver-commuters trip. As a driver-commuter, you can expect to save up to ₱10 for every kilometer you travel. Fares will be solely based on the distance travelled, NO charge per minute.

  • Base Fare is Php 20
  • Per km Php 10
  • Per min Php 0

IMPORTANT: All fares will be subject to Uber’s 25% service fee.

Will uberCOMMUTE be subject to dynamic (surge) pricing?

No, uberCOMMUTE will not be subject to surge pricing. Fares will be calculated based on distance travelled, combined with a base fare (no time component).

How do I receive my earnings?

All the trip fares accumulated, after deducting Uber’s 25% service fee, will be directly deposited into your bank account every week. It typically reflect in your bank account by Wednesday for the trips done in the last week (Monday to Sunday)

Refer to these references on how to enrol your bank account to receive your weekly Uber Payouts seamlessly:

What happens in the case of cash trips?

In case of cash trips, the cash collected by you is adjusted against the total fares earned and the difference is deposited directly into your bank account

What should I do if I have issues with my trip or fares?

The easiest way to reach Uber is through in-app support. Login to your driver app and go to HELP. Use the relevant section to contact our support.

How do you know that riders are going in the same direction?

Rider-commuter are required to enter their destination when requesting an uberCOMMUTE. And as a driver-commuter, you are also required to set your destination in the Uber Partner App.

Uber will only match you with other commuters who are traveling to the same area at the same time.


Operating Hours: 6am-10am and 5pm-10pm

Locations: Manila, BGC, Makati


What is the exact coverage area?

uberCOMMUTE will be available for trips between Makati City, BGC (including McKinley Hill), and Manila City.

UberCommute Coverage in Metro Manila

How far will I go out of the way to pick up someone else?

uberCOMMUTE matches driver-commuters with other commuters needing a ride in the same direction. A driver-commuter understands that he or she may have to go a little out of the way, but Uber will make sure that it’s only a few minutes out of your way.

How long will it take to pick up rider-commuters?

your co-rider. Most of the time, your travel time will not increase by more than 10 minutes.

When will uberCOMMUTE be made available in more places in Metro Manila?

After the initial pilot phase, we’ll be working to optimize and expand this revolutionary product to more driver-commuters and rider-commuters around the city. Stay tuned for updates.

Can rider-commuters change their destination?

No, with uberCOMMUTE dropoff locations are fixed. Commuters are not allowed to change their destination after they have requested a ride. If a commuter wants to change their destination, you can kindly request them to cancel and request another uberCOMMUTE.

How many riders are allowed at a time?

uberCOMMUTE allows the rider who booked to bring along 1 companion (maximum of 2 riders per pickup location). If two riders are picked up together, they must also be dropped off together.

If more than two riders show up at a pickup point, kindly request that they cancel that trip and request an uberX.

Will we be fetching other riders along the way, like uberPOOL?

No. With uberCOMMUTE, driver-commuters can only accept 1 rider request, for up to 2 people (1 companion). There will be no additional pickups allowed.

What if a commuter doesn’t show up?

As a driver-commuter, we suggest that you wait one minute before calling. If the commuter still hasn’t showed up after another minute, cancel the trip and drive-on. If you waited for 2 minutes and the passenger didn’t show up, you can cancel it and you’ll be paid P50 as a cancelation fee.

What do I do if a rider-commuter cancels the trip?

If the rider cancels the trip, your app will reroute back to your original route and you may also receive a cancellation fee of ₱50 (if the rider cancels 5 min after the request was made)

As a driver-commuter, do I always have to accept rider-commuter requests?

As an Uber driver-commuter, there’s no commitment. Accepting a request is not compulsory, and there may also be instances when you don’t receive requests because, there were no rider-commuters heading in the same direction. Or sometimes, you have an important meeting and don’t want to go online at all during your drive to or from work, and that’s OK.

However, Uber encourages you to accept trips when you go online in order to make the most of your drive!

As a driver-commuter, when can I cancel a trip?

You can cancel trip only if:

  • three or more riders get into the car for ONE request in ONE location
  • if rider takes more than 2 mins to get into the car after you have arrived at the location
  • If rider wants to change the destination/ drop-off
As a driver-commuter, can I choose what trips I accept?

No you cannot, our technology will connect you to the closest rider. You can decide to accept the trip, once accepted you shouldn’t cancel.

As a driver-commuter, can I bring other people with me when I accept rider-commuters?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring another person with you when you are logged onto the Uber platform and accepting trip requests from rider-commuters.

What are the safety features built into the app?

Uber’s product safety features will be on before, during and after the ride–such as the ability to see your driver and rider details in advance, GPS tracking, share my journey and the HELP button in case of an emergency.

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