If you have concerns with one of your Uber trips, you can report them to Uber in two (2) ways:

  1.  Email Uber for your rider concerns at support@uber.com
  2. You can also directly report a concern about a trip directly from the Uber Rider App thru your trip history. Here’s how:

TIP: Based on experience, Uber replies more promptly when you contact them thru the Uber Rider App directly. They reply almost instantly rather than emailing them which takes some time.

Rider Concerns:


You can contact Uber via the Uber App “Help” Option.


This is the first screen you will see.


If you choose “View recent trips”, a lost of your recent trips will pull up.


Once you select a trip of concern, a list of problems/concerns will appear from which you’ll choose.















Once you’ve selected the concerns, accomplish and input the details asked and hit “Submit”. You can then wait for Uber Support’s reply in your email. Once the changes have been applied, these will reflect in your account as well.


If you have concerns not specific to a certain trip, there’s a section for “General Issues and Questions”. This will lead you to different menus from which you select your issue/concern and give you a guide on how to resolve them.


Screenshot_2015-04-13-14-58-27 Screenshot_2015-04-13-14-58-18













 Hope this helps. Happy Riding!

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