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Did you know Uber Drivers cannot pickup Passengers from the airport anymore? Read more in this post.

This screenshot of the LTFRB memorandum (CPC Terms and Conditions MC_NO._2015-018) would suffice:

Uber Drivers Cannot pickup passengers from airport


Uber also issued an advisory:

As a regulated entity, we should comply with Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) policies on airport pick-ups and drop-offs. In line with this, Uber partners may still drop off riders in the airport departure area; however, you are encouraged NOT to take pick ups from the airport for now.



Don’t worry, airport drop-offs are still allowed. 😉


If you’re thinking Uber cars cannot be distinguished because they are private cars, well…

According to the same memorandum, ride sharing vehicles will be required to have a “trade dress” to distinguish them. So expect that in the coming days as the regulation is rolled out, Uber cars will have a trade dress. And they might be apprehended in airports if they try to pick-up passengers.

We all know this could be tricky for both riders and drivers…

Does this mean Riders cannot use the Uber Rider App at all when they’re in NAIA ? Will the Uber Rider app be geo-fenced? We honestly, don’t know yet. It sucks that they’re taking away the freedom of choice of riders. 🙁

We also know how ridiculously expensive airport taxis can be. So what can Riders do?



  • If you wanted to request for a pickup from the airport/NAIA, you can also take a taxi from NAIA to nearby places from where you can request.
  • OR you can also ride the Resorts World shuttle for free (this is what we usually do) and request for an Uber ride from there. We believe Solaire also has this airport shuttle service.
  • All you need to do is get a membership card from Resorts World (which is also free by the way, it’ll just take 5 minutes to sign up) to be able to use the airport shuttles for free.

Refer to this post on how to request for a ride.

Have some thoughts about this regulation? More tips to share? Comment below!

Happy Riding!

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