Wondering if you can use Uber for your out of town trip? There’s a lot of people asking if they can request for Uber ride to a destination outside Metro Manila, if you’re one of them, read on.

First, you have to know that at the moment, Uber’s service area is ONLY within Metro Manila that includes areas far south–Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Sucat, Paranaque area up to north–Malabon, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Navotas area.


To answer the question, technically, you can since you booked the ride within Metro Manila. However, please note that if your destination is outside the current service area, the driver has the discretion if to take the trip or not. Please understand that once the drivers are outside the service area, they wouldn’t have a rider going back to Metro Manila which means lost time and wasted gasoline.

But this doesn’t stop you, as a rider, to negotiate with the driver if you really need a ride going outside Metro Manila.

As a concrete example, we had an experience where a group of friends requested us to take them to Batangas Port. They paid for the toll fee both ways and paid for the one way gas of driver going back of Metro Manila as pa-kunswelo on top of the trip fare in Uber. For these groups of friends, it’s sulit because here’s their total cost:

Trip Fare via Uber: ~Php 1500 (from Metro Manila to Batangas Port) + Php 215 toll fee

Two-way toll fee (cash): PHP 215 x 2 (because they are generous)

One-way gas: ~Php 500

TOTAL (for 4 pax): Php 2445


For us this deal is OK. But for some drivers, this might not be enough.


  • Re toll fees, Uber will charge the rider’s credit card whenever you are on a trip. But this doesn’t stop the rider from giving extra.
  • If the rider is considerate enough, they’ll pay for the gasoline as well, but this is up for negotiation between the rider and driver.


How about if you’re not in Metro Manila and you want to request an Uber ride?
Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no Uber cars yet outside the service area so there would be no drivers to accept your request.

Hope this helps. Happy and Safe Riding! #UberON


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