In Jakarta, Indonesia, Uber Riders can now request for motorbikes on-demand. Riders in Jakarta can simply request for a an UberMOTOR ride by logging on their Uber Rider app and choosing the uberMOTOR option.

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When a rider requests for an UberMOTOR ride, he/she will be required to put on helmet during the trip as part of its safety procedure. It’s the basically the same ridesharing service from Uber but instead of riding a car, you ride a motorbike. Riders can see real-time GPS navigation status, share their trip to family and friends, rate the drivers and can also opt to pay via cash or the usual credit card payment option.

This isn’t the first time Uber catered motorbike taxi in their Platform. Uber has already launched this initiative in other cities in emerging markets– such as in Bangkok, Thailand and Bangalore, India under a different name– UberMOTO. Motorbike taxis are popular in these markets due to costs and traffic congestion problems.

UberMOTOR is not the first motorbike taxi hailing app in Thailand and Indonesia.  Go-Jek, is another fast-growing motorbike taxi service in Indonesia. Grab, Uber’s biggest rival in Southeast Asia, offers a similar service called ‘GrabBike’ — in Bangkok, Vietnam and Indonesia (even here in the Philippines but was halted by LTFRB).

Remember, Uber is testing out an on-demand point to point shuttle service as well–UberHOP. UberHOP Riders enjoy a lower fixed fare per trip (about Php 60-70) and get to share their ride with other riders.

UberHOP currently have routes between BGC, Makati and Origas areas during morning and evening rush hours. Read on this article to know more about UberHOP.


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Get a Free 2 Uber Rides up to Php 100 each when you sign up with Uber! Use Promo Code: UBERMNLPROMO200
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