We just got news that LTFRB suspends or halts the acceptance of  NEW TNVS (Transportation Network Vehicle Service) Applications from all TNCs (that includes Uber, Grab, U-Hop, etc).

REMEMBER: TNVS (Transportation Network Vehicle Service) is a new category of transport service specifically for ride-sharing. And according to LTFRB MC No. 2015-016, all operators/drivers who want to become a TNVS provider would need to secure TNVS Accreditation thru their TNCs.

Here are some guides related to TNVS:

According to LTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 2016-008 (see the copy we got below), the technical division should not accept any new TNVS applications because they are currently reviewing the current policies and concerns/issues before resuming acceptance of NEW TNVS Applications.

Seems like new operators and aspiring Uber Partners  would have to wait before you can apply for TNVS Application. But we guess, if you are an aspiring partner, you can make use of this time to learn more about the TNVS business so you’ll be more prepared when LTFRB resumes acceptance of TNVS applications. #seethepositiveineverything

We reached out to Uber already asking how will this affect aspiring partners, existing partners who have just submitted their TNVS but have not yet gotten their PAs yet, and even current partners with PA but no CPC yet. Does this mean Uber will not accept sign-ups at ALL?

We’re still waiting for their response, we’ll update this post once we got word from Uber Philippines. We’ll keep you updated in this post.

We hope LTFRB trashes out the policies and issues so aspiring partners can resume applications.


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See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/574615/money/companies/ltfrb-suspends-acceptance-of-new-operators-for-ride-sharing-apps

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