We’ve told you how to enroll additional credit cards in your Uber account in this post and we also gave you a tip on how you can turn on/off your Uber credits in another post.

This post, we’ll cover how to switch/change your card for payment. This is also covered in detail in this post about turning off your Uber credits. Basic steps are just the same.


NOTE: You can do this BEFORE you request for a ride or DURING the ride.


 Step 1: Open Uber app and click the next button. In the next screen, click on the payment panel showing your source account and credits.

turn-on-off-1 turn-on-off

Step 2: Click on the account you want to use and turn off your credits, if any as seen below.

turn-on-off-2 turn-on-off-3

Note: Even if you change the account and you don’t turn off your credits, Uber will still credit your Uber credits first. So, make sure you turn the credits off if you don’t want to use it.

Step 3: Click back and you’ll return to the request page. Double check if the changes are reflected in the payment panel before you confirm “REQUEST”.



In your “En Route” screen, you will see in the upper right corner the more button, click this. A drop down menu will show two options for “Change Payment” and “Cancel Trip”. Select “Change Payment” and make the appropriate changes.

change2   change3

NOTE: If you do not specify which payment source you would like to pay with, Uber will automatically charge the last card or account you used. If you accidentally selected the wrong payment method for a recent ride, reach out to Uber at t.uber.com/support. See the official Uber support article here.

Hope this guide helped. If you find this blog helpful, we hope you can share our blog with your friends. Happy Uber Riding!

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