Sharing a ride with friends? Learn how to easily split fare with your Uber friends!

Yes! You can split fare if you’re sharing a ride with another Uber friend. Awesome, right?

In your “En Route” Screen, click the “Fare Splite” icon (rightmost). Then, select the friends/contacts you want to split the fare with. You can even select multiple people if you’re splitting the fare more than 2 way. Click “Send” and the fare will automatically split among your friends. No more need to look for small change!

uber split fare 1 uber split fare 2 uber split fare 3 uber split fare 5 uber split fare 4



To accept a friend’s invite to fare split, here’s what you’re going to do:

uber split fare 6 uber split fare 7


If you have, please share the experience with us in the comments. Thanks


REMEMBER: Each rider will be charged a Php 10 as split fee.

Happy Riding!

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