Did the title confuse you? Let me clarify… As per Uber’s latest partner email, starting November 25, partners can already accept trip requests even when you are already on a trip. Kahit nasa trip ka pa, pwede nang tumunog agad ang app para sa isang panibagong request. Wala nang hintayan para sa driver. Pagkababa ng rider, diretso ka na agad sa susunod na rider.

How it works

Before the trip is over and you are already near your destination, you as the driver will be placed back as an available car in the system. This means that you can already receive requests even though your trip is not yet ended with the current rider. You will get a request notification for the next rider while the you are still on trip with the current one. After accepting, you will be redirected to the current trip screen. Here’s how it looks like on your driver app:

Uber’s objective for this changes are:

  • lower ETA’s for partners and riders
  • decrease request waiting times for drivers

Some important notes for drivers:

  • Confirm with your riders that the destination they entered is the final destination. If not, change it in your app so as not to receive too early requests
  • If rider has multiple stops, make sure that you DO NOT choose FINAL DESTINATION. Change that if you are really going to the final destination.
  • Riders will see a popup in the rider app that you are still finishing a previous trip. Your drop-off point will also be shown to them so the riders know that they have to wait for you. Don’t worry too much about it.
  • It is expected that partners and drivers need to adjust with the new system. There will be challenges in the short term but hopefully with this change, riders and partners both reap the benefits in the end.
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