Hi Uber Awesome People!

Have you heard of the trending #UberMNLstory last Feb. 27, 2016 about a super resourceful bride who booked for an Uber just to get to her wedding on time? Talk about an #UberBride #UberWedding

Here’s the story…

So, everyone was ready and waiting at the church aside from the bride (and her make up artist and wedding planner, of course). As the bride was on her way to her bridal car, the bride found out that the keys of her bridal car were inside the car’s compartment.

Seeing that they were behind schedule, the bride booked an Uber ride to take her to church. Lo and behold, after a few minutes, an UberX Toyota Innova came to the rescue! Without second thoughts, the driver gamely agreed to have the flower arrangement for the bridal car be set up on his Innova.

And the best part of it is, the Uber trip to the church only cost a measly Php 101 (this is waaaayyy cheaper than hiring a bridal car but STILL, not too shabby), but getting the bride safely to church (with minutes to spare)? PRICELESS.

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Look at her original post on Facebook below: