Hello Riders!

Here’s a VERY VERY pleasant surprise from Uber Manila.

So early this afternoon, we requested for an UberX ride when we saw the assigned vehicle, it’s an SUV (Mitsubishi Montero)—an Uber BlackCar!

UberBlack Cars in UberX??!!

See the screenshots below:

Black-Car-in-UberX mitsubishi-montero-sport-es-01

Remember, UberX is the more affordable option, you’ll be assigned sedans, AUV, or compact cars. UberBlack is the more premium line of vehicles like full sedans and SUVs. Refer here to know the difference between UberX and UberBlack and their pricing.
We learned from the driver that UberBlack cars can now accept UberX requests (if they wanted to)! See Uber’s email to UberBlack Partners:
UberBlack accepts UberX request

AND the best part of this is that we paid in UberX rate! Imagine, base fare was just Php 40 instead of the regular Php 90.


This is super win for us riders– Black Cars at UberX price! This is more reason for riders to keep requesting for rides!


You might be lucky your next ride is a premium car at UberX price!



Another Announcement: UberBlack Cars will increase prices

Most probably, you got Uber’s email last weekend to all riders that effective Monday November 16, UberBlack will increase fares. Refer here to know the difference between UberX and UberBlack and their pricing.

Before, UberBlack Rates are:

  • Base Fare: Php 90
  • Per Minute Rate: Php 2.10/min  –> NOW: Php 2.24/min
  • Per Kilometer Rate: Php 12.92/km –> NOW: Php 13.75/km
  • Minimum Fare: Php 120

See the excerpt from their email last Nov. 14, 2015:

The base fare and the minimum fare will remain the same but the per kilometer and per minute charges will be going up. The following UberBLACK prices will come into effect on midnight, Monday, 16 November 2015: 

new uberBlack prices

Don’t forget, you can always get an estimate for your trip in advance by tapping ‘Select Pick-Up Location’ and then ‘Fare Estimate’. Refer to this tutorial how to get fare estimate.

Hope this helps! Happy Riding!


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