If you’ve used Uber before, you’ll notice that after a trip, the app will ask you to rate or comment on your driver. This feedback mechanism ensures quality of the entire Uber experience.

In Uber’s rating system, 3 and 4 starts are NOT average and acceptable. If you’re satisfied with your driver and nothing majorly disappointing happened, please give your driver a 5 star rating to ensure that they continue to succeed on Uber.

Rider’s feedback is very important as this is the gauge of the driver/partner’s good service.


IMPORTANT:  Unsatisfactory driver rating (less than average of 4.3) may lead to them being deactivated as an Uber partner/driver.


With this great power, comes great responsibility as a rider. Please be sure to be objective and FAIR when rating your driver. Your rating must be based on the driver’s performance and quality of service. Please do NOT rate your driver based on the fare (or your mood swings). They do not control surge pricing. They do not control traffic in Metro Manila (we wish!). And they do not deserve to be lashed out on when your not having a good day. Remember, they are humans too trying to make a decent living. 

NOTE: In Uber, tipping is NOT a necessity NOR an obligation (like in taxis). But of course, if you feel that your driver gave an outstanding service, please feel free to tip your driver. They’d greatly appreciate it. If you have concerns re your fare, you can contact Uber directly at support@uber.com

**It’s not only the drivers who are rated, refer to this post about your (passenger) rating.**


Watch this funny video about How rating works:






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