It’s not only the drivers who’re being rated. (Refer to this post about driver ratings.)Passengers are also rated by drivers and only they can see your rating. This also gives the drivers idea of how you are as a passenger. Drivers can choose to not accept your request if your rating is poor.


Here’s how you can ensure that your passenger rating stays good:

  • Be nice (and respectful) to your driver. Period. No swearing and no yelling, please! Respect begets respect.
  • You may have noticed the very good condition of Uber cars (most of them are brand new). Let’s all help maintain that standard by treating their car with care. Please no eating during the ride (especially those that easily litters and leaves stains/marks on the vehicle).
  • Drivers try their best to pick you up immediately (despite the crazy traffic in Metro Manila). Please try to return the favor by being ready to ride when it arrives. If you’ll be late,  please let your driver know by calling or texting them using Uber’s in-app feature.
  • We know everybody needs to get to their destination ASAP. But please DO NOT ask/encourage your drivers to break traffic rules.

Lastly, please NO VOMITING inside the car, NO SMOKING, and other unpleasant stuff.

We understand you may have had a little too much to drink but that is no excuse to damage others’ properties. How would you feel about cleaning up some stranger’s puke and riding a car that’s smells of regurgitated beer and sisig??? I hope we made our point clear. #hugot

Watch this funny video about Uber Rating system.



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