Good news to riders from the east of Metro Manila! Mga taga-Cainta at Antipolo!

Beginning May 2, 2016, Uber Manila’s coverage area will be expanded to the eastern portion of Metro Manila. If you are from some part of Rizal, you may now experience Uber’s services .

Here are the areas included in the expanded coverage:

  • All of Cainta
  • Select areas in Taytay
  • Select areas in Antipolo
  • Select areas in San Mateo

Here’s the map of the expanded coverage area:

Uber East Coverage Area

The eastern part of Metro Manila under the Rizal province’s jurisdiction is home to a large number of commuters who work in NCR. Presently, people take the usual public transportation available such as buses, jeepneys, LRT Line 2 and others. With this move by Uber, the company can give service to more riders. Currently, there are a lot of people already asking favors from partners to allow requests to the eastern area, even though it is not yet covered by Uber. Thus a lot of commuters are requesting for Uber’s expansion in the eastern area of the metro.

In addition to this, the expansion will give partners additional opportunities to earn more. More riders mean more earning for partners.

The Php 60 Surcharge

Since expanding to areas outside of Metro Manila will incur partners additional costs, Uber will implement a PHP 60 East Surcharge on trips TAKEN TO the expansion areas.

Riders will receive an announcement about the surcharge on April 30, 2016. The trip history will reflect the surcharge as if the riders paid their toll fee. For partners, they will receive the Php 60 East Surcharge fee in full and it will not be subject to Uber’s regular service fee.

Some FAQs for partners

Can partners and drivers opt out of this?

NO. As has always been the case, this means that denying service to riders heading to these areas may result in potential account penalties

However, due to the very small number of trips that end in these areas, and with the PHP60 East Surcharge in place, we’re confident that this move is not only beneficial to riders and partners from these areas, but also that it makes sense economically.

Does the service fee apply to the PHP60 East Surcharge?

NO. The surcharge will be handled in a similar manner as tolls. Riders will pay for the surcharges as part of their fares, and that partner-drivers will receive the entire amount of the surcharge in full. The Uber service fee will not apply to the surcharge.

Does the PHP60 East Surcharge apply to ALL trips taken to and from these new areas?

NO. The PHP60 East Surcharge will only apply to trips taken from Metro Manila INTO the new areas east of Metro Manila. No surcharge will be applied to trips taken within (both beginning and ending within) the new expansion areas.

Here are some examples:

1) Trip from Quezon City to Antipolo (Metro Manila to new service area) = PHP60 EAst Surcharge

2) Trip from Antipolo to Cainta (new service area to new service area) = No surcharge.

3) Trip from Cainta to Pasig (new service area to Metro Manila) = No surcharge.


How does Uber check if a rider’s destination is within the new coverage area?

Riders of the new areas included in Uber Manila’s coverage area will be informed on April 30, 2016. At the same time, Uber will be enabling a feature on the app that prevents riders from entering destinations outside our expanded coverage area.

Simple Rule of Thumb: If the rider is able to enter his/her destination on the app, it is included in Uber’s coverage area.


How was the PHP60 East Surcharge Computed?

Uber is always using the trip data gathered from millions of rides when they implement a feature. For the surcharge, Uber used trip data on distances and current costs of commodities like fuel to make sure that PHP60 is a fair and economically sound amount to charge riders. This should make up for any additional costs partners would incur should they take trips to the eastern areas.

With this development, we hope that it benefits us all: riders and partners alike.

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