UBER 101: How Uber Works

Just starting out with Uber? Here’s a list of links that you might find useful.

We’ve put up a couple of articles for you guys who are just starting out with Uber.

Uber Manila Support Phone Number for Riders

If you have concerns with one of your Uber trips, you can report them to Uber in two (2) ways:  Email Uber for your rider concerns at support@uber.com You can also directly report a concern about a trip directly from the Uber Rider App thru your trip history. Here's how: TIP: Based on experience, Uber […]

Uber Passenger Ratings

UBER PASSENGER RATINGS   It's not only the drivers who're being rated. (Refer to this post about driver ratings.)Passengers are also rated by drivers and only they can see your rating. This also gives the drivers idea of how you are as a passenger. Drivers can choose to not accept your request if your rating […]

Uber Driver Ratings

UBER DRIVER RATINGS If you've used Uber before, you'll notice that after a trip, the app will ask you to rate or comment on your driver. This feedback mechanism ensures quality of the entire Uber experience. In Uber's rating system, 3 and 4 starts are NOT average and acceptable. If you're satisfied with your driver […]

UBER App Can't Find My Location?

UBER App can't find my location? Your phone's GPS may not always be able to pinpoint your exact location. If you're indoors, your phone may have trouble establishing a good connection to the satellite(s) responsible for letting it find your location. The pin displayed in your Uber app tells your driver where to pick you […]

What do I do if my driver can’t find me?

  What do I do if my driver can’t find me? Uber uses third-party map applications for its location data. It's possible there may be a slight discrepancy between your actual location and the information your driver receives. There are even times when the actual tagging/labeling of the map is not accurate, double check your […]

Request Uber Ride For Someone Else

Yes! You can request Uber ride for someone else other than yourself. Note: You can only request one ride at a time, so if you’re trying to request several trips you need to wait until the trip is finished before requesting again. Requesting for someone who is with you: If you are requesting a ride […]

What is Uber Surge Pricing?

What is Uber Surge Pricing? One of the main differences of taxi and Uber is its surge pricing. So, what is it exactly? From the official Uber Support article: With surge pricing, Uber rates increase to get more cars on the road and ensure reliability during the busiest times. When enough cars are on the […]

How to Share Your Uber Ride

Want your friends and loved ones to know/monitor your ride with Uber? You can share your ride details and route with your friends; they can even follow your trip and see your location real time.   In your "En Route" screen, click on the share icon in the upper right. A pop-up screen will show which […]

How to Split Fare With Uber Friends

Sharing a ride with friends? Learn how to easily split fare with your Uber friends! Yes! You can split fare if you're sharing a ride with another Uber friend. Awesome, right? In your "En Route" Screen, click the "Fare Splite" icon (rightmost). Then, select the friends/contacts you want to split the fare with. You can […]

How To Get UBER Fare Estimate

How to Request for an Uber Ride

How do you actually request for an Uber ride? It's very easy! You're just a few taps away from your ride. Video Tuorial Screenshot Tutorial Step 0: After you've opened the Uber app, select if your requesting for an UberX or Black Car. Toggle on the buttons at the lower most of the screen. Step […]

What is Uber Cancellation Policy

This post is an excerpt from Uber Support. Same content can be found in this article. As drivers make commitments to to go to a pickup location when receiving a request, Uber can  charge a cancellation fee to compensate them for the time and money spent doing so. If you cancel within 5 minutes of […]

Basics: How to Change Cards For Payment in Uber

We've told you how to enroll additional credit cards in your Uber account in this post and we also gave you a tip on how you can turn on/off your Uber credits in another post. This post, we'll cover how to switch/change your card for payment. This is also covered in detail in this post about […]

Tips: How To Turn On Off Uber Credits

By default, Uber will credit your Uber credits first before it credits your other accounts; given you still have credits. In case you want to reserve your Uber credits for your personal trips, you can choose to "turn off" or not use your Uber credits. This post will show you how. Step 1: Before you […]

Tips: How to Request For An Uber ride Without Mobile Internet

What if you don't have mobile data but you still want to use Uber? No problem! You just need to have an internet connection (via WiFi or other network connections possible) while requesting for the ride. Once you've booked your ride and the Uber is arriving, you can disconnect from the connection and wait for […]


UBER MNL Tips is your guide to the basics you need to know about UBER Manila. This blog is made by fellow riders and is not affiliated in any way with Uber. No misrepresentation intended.
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