Hello fellow TNVS Partners and Peers!

First, “congrats” to the partners who got their Provisional Authorities (P.A.) already! You are now legit and you can now ply the roads without worry ;P

If you want to check if your TNVS Application is approved, you can see the results here. If you want to track the status of your application, Uber is now implementing their online TNVS tracker. If you need help and guidance for your TNVS application, just refer to our guide and FAQs.


Being accredited with LTFRB means that we’re now subject to their rules and regulations. And speaking of regulations, did you know that there’s a new Memorandum (M.C. 2015-025) that requires TNVS (vehicles with Uber, Grab and other TNCs) to put “markings” OUTSIDE and “display” INSIDE their vehicle while on a pre-arranged trip in addition to the required trade dress. A photo of M.C. 2015-025 is shown below.This memorandum is actually an amendment to previous memoranda (M.C. 2005-006 and M.C.  2012-008) that requires “markings” for all public utility vehicles to prevent/minimize abuses of public utility drivers. This (supposedly) encourages the commuting public to report erring and abusive drivers in order to maintain safe, convenient, and comfortable public land transportation.

Refer to this tweet from LTFRB Chairman:

You know those markings on public utility vehicles? like these:

Photo from www.philippinestaxiservice.com


Here are the highlights of the LTFRB M.C. 2015-025 (refer to the picture below):

1.  According to Section 2, TNVS vehicles are required to display the trade dress , which is issued by Uber, AND LTFB markings during a pre-arranged ride.

2.  According to Section 1.b, ALL public utility vehicles (INCLUDING TNVS by virtue of Section 2) like sedan, vans and similar units, shall have the LTFRB “markings” refer below.

LTFRB 24/7 Hotline: 1342

Text/Viber Hotlines: 0917-550-1342


This should be displayed in the following specifications:

Height: 3 inches
Width: 1 inch
Thickness: 0.5 inch
Color: Green
Location: Rear windshield (upper location), and at both sides.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We clarified this with LTFRB, the markings on the upper rear windshield and both sides are OUTSIDE the vehicle. But this can be removable. We suggest, you can have customized refrigerator magnets, you know, like those they usually giveaway as event souvenirs.

3.  According to Section 5, ALL PUVs INCLUDING TNVS, should display INSIDE the vehicle the details below. As to what display should we put INSIDE the vehicle, LTFRB said TNVS MAY USE laminated notice, a sticker, a magnetic removable display, etc for as long as it’s inside and it contains the info prescribed. THEREFORE, no need to paint the interiors. 😉

Vehicle Plate Number
LTFRB 24/7 Hotline
Operator’s Number
Notice on the grant of 20% fare discount to senior citizen, PWD and student.

4.  If you applied for an authority to operate from Central Office or NCR, you have 60 days to comply after you’ve been issued the authority to operate. If you applied for an authority to operate from  Regional Office, you’re given 90 days to comply after you’ve been issued the authority to operate.  So, if you already have authority to operate, you need to comply ON or BEFORE December 29, 2015.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: We believe the deadline only applies for those who are already “authorized” to operate, we believe this is for those who have CPC Franchise already. Because technically, CPC Franchise = authority to operate.

THEREFORE, we think if we don’t have authority to operate= CPC Franchise yet, no need for the markings YET.

We’ll clarify this with LTFRB, watch out for their response.

We get and share the intention of putting up these markings. If need be, of course, we will comply. We just hope that authorities does not miss the point and defeat the purpose of ridesharing. We  hope Uber Philippines (and GrabCar Philippines) weigh in on this matter.

What do you partners think about this Memorandum? If you have other questions or clarifications, comment them below and we’ll clarify them for you direct from LTFRB’s office.


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