Hi Partners! You should have heard by now that Uber released a new service — UberPOOL in Manila.

As Partners and Drivers, it’s important that we are fully familiar with UberPOOL. So, we compiled a reference for you guys:


UberPOOL Summary

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Partner PRO Tips

Video Training Guide

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UberPOOL Summary

  • UberPOOL allows riders to share their rides with other riders. UberPOOL matches requests from riders if they’re coming from the same area, heading in the same direction, at the same time.
  • The idea is to help decongest the roads since it’s NOT 1 car = 1 rider anymore.Multiple riders can share the same car if they are heading the same direction.
  • Destination should be fixed, CANNOT be changed anymore.
  • Rider CANNOT make multiple stops
  • 1-2 riders ONLY per UberPOOL request; if >2 riders should request UberX instead
  • Rider cannot be late: after 2 mins, driver can cancel (as a courtesy to other uberPOOL co-riders)
  • Driver should accept UberPOOL requests even if ayaw ng first rider (dahil pinili nya ang uberPOOL)
  • Sundan ang Waze para sa most efficient route and pick-up sequence (Refer to the checklist icon at upper left)
  • Rider’s fare is 20% cheaper than uberX
  • Uber’s Service Fee is different: unmatched trip- 10% service fee |  matched trip – 35% service fee

You can also refer to this UberPOOL guide by Uber. We recommend you also read on how UberPOOL works for riders.

UberPOOL Partner FAQs

Click on the questions to get detailed answers.

Kailangan bang idrop-off muna ang unang uberPOOL rider bago ihatid ang kasunod?

Depende kung ano ang irecommend na route at sequence ni Uber. (ex. minsan, ang unang rider ang huling madrop-off.)

To see the order of pick-up and drop-off, CLICK the CHECKLIST ICON sa upper left corner ng trip screen. Make sure to follow the recommended route and sequence of the app.

UberPOOL how to accept request

UberPOOL how to accept request1



How many minutes to wait before cancelling?

Best if you can call the rider after 1 minute.
And you can CANCEL the trip after 2 minutes. This is to avoid delays with other riders; just make sure to inform the rider as courtesy.

UberPOOL how to accept request2


Can riders change destination mid-trip?

NO. Dahil magugulo ang route na kinalculate ng app.
Also, the uberPOOL rider is given an exact & fixed fare based on the destination they entered; so RIDER CANNOT CHANGE DESTINATION.

TIP: You can advise the rider to request an uberX instead if they want to be able to change destination.




Can riders make multiple stops?

NO. Dahil maghihintay at madedelay ang ibang co-riders sa UberPOOL.
Also, the uberPOOL rider is given an exact & fixed fare based on the destination they entered; so RIDER CANNOT MAKE MULTIPLE STOPS.

TIP: You can advise the rider to request an uberX instead if they want to be able to make multiple stops.



How much service fee for UberPOOL trips?

Unlike UberX where Uber gets a 25% service fee, Uber charges different service fees for UberPOOL:

  • 10% for unmatched trips (walang ibang naka-match na trip)
  • 35% for matched trips (two or more matched trips)

UberPOOL service fee

Here’s a sample calculation:

UberPOOL service fee2



UberPOOL PRO Partner  Tips:

Here are some tips for you to have a smooth trip in UberPOOL:


PRO TIP #1: Always inform your current rider if you’re going to pick-up a second or third rider.

Let them  know na magaantay kayo ng maximum of 2 minutes for the next rider. Sabihin nyo, in UberPOOL, PATIENCE is the rider. Haha! 😉

NOTE: Makakatanggap din ng notification ang mga UberPOOL riders kung sino ang magiging co-rider nya at saan ang pick-up nya.

PRO TIP #2: ALWAYS follow the order of pick-up and drop-off ayon sa application.

Dahil kina-calculate ng app ang most efficient and effective route for the trips.

PRO TIP #3: If may nag-request, ALWAYS accept.

DON’T CANCEL or NOT accept an UberPOOL request dahil sinabihan kayo ng naunang rider na ‘wag tanggapin. Wag magpa-pressure kasi alam naman nila na UberPOOL ang ni-request nila at posible na may maka-match silang rider. I-advise sila na mag-UberX if ayaw nila ng may kasabay.

If you don’t accept the UberPOOL request, masmababa din ang kikitain nyo.

PRO TIP #4: DO NOT allow riders to make multiple stops or change destination.

They can always request for an uberX.

UberPOOL Partner Training Video – Tagalog

UberPOOL Partner Training Video – English

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