Remember the TRO (temporary restraining order) issued to Uber last December 2015? A lot of Partners got scared to join Uber and process their TNVS Accreditation and ultimately delayed driving and going online.

But we’ve got a very good news from Uber via email last Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 (see photo below)

LTFRB TNVS accreditation resume


Starting Monday- February 1, 2016,  LTFRB has finally allowed Uber to resume TNVS Accreditation.

LTFRB will now continue accepting and processing the TNVS applications submitted by Uber.


NOTE: There’s no official advise yet if and when the TRO is lifted. We hope it follows soon. But at least, LTFRB is continuing acceptance of TNVS Accreditation from Uber Partners. Uber assured us that they are closely coordinating with LTFRB on the TRO issue.

What does this mean?

Masmapapadali na ang proseso para makapag-online at magdrive. Pwede na ulit kayong magpasa ng TNVS Requirements sa Uber upang mai-proseso na nila ang iyong TNVS Accreditation at Provisional Authority (P.A.). Again, Uber will process your TNVS Accreditation for you, hindi mo kailangang pumunta at magasikaso sa LTFRB. So make sure you successfully and completely submit your TNVS Requirements to Uber ASAP.

We recommend you study the process to be more informed about TNVS Accreditation, here are some references for you:

What if I already submitted my requirements before?

I’m just waiting for my Provisional Authority (P.A.) or CPC (Certificate of Public Convenience)…


If you’ve submitted your TNVS Requirements before and you’re just waiting for the release of your P.A. (Provisional Authority) or CPC (Certificate of Public Convenience) from LTFRB, you can track your TNVS Application status via Uber’s TNVS Tracker. You can also check this page for the latest Results of TNVS Applications from LTFRB.

Uber assured us that they are processing your TNVS Applications and they are closely coordinating with LTFRB. So make sure you successfully and completely submit your TNVS Requirements to Uber. We’ve also learned that there are partner/drivers who proceed to going online and driving after submitting their TNVS Requirements.

Based on personal experience and knowledge, Quisumbing-Torres (Uber’s legal firm) is handling the TNVS Applications on behalf of all Uber Partners. If they find any concerns or issues with your documents, they will contact you directly (they contacted us for an expired PNP Clearance). If you didn’t receive any communication from them, then, NO NEED TO WORRY, your application is well and good.

We actually learned that the hearing for CPC (Certificate of Public Convenience) applications is on the 2nd week of February. Let’s hope it goes well.

Check back on our site or like UberMNLTips on Facebook to get updates on this matter. We’ve compiled the links you need to guide you on your TNVS Accreditation below. Hope this helps.

Steps for TNVS Accreditation

Step 0. Create your Partner Profile

Before anything else, make sure you’ve signed up for an Uber Partner Account. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to be an Uber Partner.


Step 1. TNVS Process and FAQs

First, know the TNVS Accreditation process and the Frequently Asked Questions.


Step 2. Download TNVS Requirements

Download the TNVS Requirements here. If you need help accomplishing the documents, refer to this tutorial.

Step 3. Submit TNVS Requirements

Submit and Upload your TNVS Requirements here.

Step 4. Track TNVS Application

After submitting your TNVS requirements, track and monitor your TNVS Application here.


Step 5. TNVS Results

Check the Results of your TNVS Application here.

See you on the road soon fellow Partner!

Drive Safe! #UberMNLTips

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