If you are one of the top 5 referrers between February 23- 28, 2015.

Invite your friends to try Uber and share your invite code with your friends to both give and get P200 worth of FREE Uber credits when they take their first trip!

How it Works:

1. Tell your friends to download the Uber app and enter your promo code when they sign up. Refer to these post on how to share your invite code and how to customize your invite code.

2. After their first trip, you’ll get P200 worth of Uber credit too!

3. Be one of the top 5 referrers between today, February 23- 28, 2015, and we’ll email you a special code that’ll give you FREE rides for a whole week! Refer to this post on how to redeem your promo codes.

Fair Use Policy: As a top referrer, you get one full week wherein you get up to 4 rides every day for free, up to P500 per ride.

NOTE: According to Uber Manila, referral credits will drop to P100 per referral on March 1, 2015.

Sign Up in Uber and Get your FREE Ride!

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