As part of the Uber Compliance Program for the LTFRB Ride Sharing Regulation, there’s a requirement for a PNP Clearance for Drivers and Partner Drivers.

To be honest, we are not sure if this is the regular Police Clearance from the local police or the PNP Clearance for individual from Camp Crame or the PNP Clearance for vehicle, also from Camp Crame.

So based on our research, here’s how to get a PNP Clearance.
1. Cedula or Community Tax Certificate. This costs 7 pesos to 800 pesos (or more), depending on your salary level and your honesty. 😛 I got mine from the city hall. Make sure you also bring a photocopy with you (2 copies are more than enough). Make sure your cedula is as current as possible (same year at least). [Note: Kung hindi ka bayani, wag punitin ang cedula.]
2. Eighty Pesos. This is the amount to be paid as of January 2013.

That’s practically all you need! You might want to bring your own ballpen with you so that you can easily fill out the forms.

Where is Camp Crame?

Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed: Camp Crame is not in Baguio, but near Santolan MRT Station. PNP Clearance processing is done at the side of the building (i.e. applicants are outside, served by PNP personnel through windows.] To get there:

1. Take the MRT to Santolan Station (or the bus as I did).
2. Exit at or cross to the Southbound side of EDSA and walk northward i.e. towards Cubao.
3. Walk straight ahead until you see Boni Serrano Avenue.
4. Turn left at Boni Serrano Avenue.
5. You will not miss the people lining up by the counter or waiting for their names to be called.

What To Do

Once there, you will see instructions that are intuitive and easy to understand. As a summary, what you do are the following:

1. Submit copy of cedula and get a form.
2. Fill out the form then pay the processing fee.
3. Submit your form for encoding and have your picture taken.
4. Wait for the releasing.

The entire processing takes less than an hour. The longest I had to wait was for releasing, which only took 9 minutes and 4.37 seconds from getting my picture taken. 🙂

See how easy it is? Now stop complaining about the (currently) inevitable bureaucracy and get to PNP right away! 😛

As always, be constantly vigilant for people who take advantage like fixers and pickpockets, although for some reason there are many policemen around that area who might be able to help you “if need be.”


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