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Want to estimate first how much your Uber ride will cost before you request for a ride?

In this tutorial we’ll teach you two easy ways to estimate your fare:

UPDATE as of October 10, 2016: Upfront Fares for UberX

Uber now displays the actual UberX fare upfront for riders to know how much they will pay for a trip even before requesting for a ride. Read this article to know more: Uber implements Upfront Fares for UberX

Option 1: Uber Fare Estimator

Use this free online fare estimator:

Option 2: Using the Uber Rider App

Refer to the videos below on how to get a fare estimate via the Uber App:

Here’s a screenshot guide on getting fare estimate. Select the slider the type of car you want to request. Then click on that icon (the 2nd screen should appear). In this pop-up screen, enter your destination and the fare estimate will display automatically (i.e. 3rd screen)

.fare estimate1fare estimate2fare estimate3


Note: Fares may vary due to traffic, weather, and other factors. Estimate does not include discounts or promotions. Refer to the official Uber support article here.

Happy Riding!


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